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Our 38 plus years experience gives schools, clubs, churches, athletic teams, and corporate clients, peace of mind knowing they will receive a quality end product at a budget friendly rate. We are willing to work within budget constraints without compromising quality or performance.

We provide the Central Illinois market embroidery, screen printing, and graphic design services. Whatever the need, end your search and start with Star!


Our skilled and experienced production team manages the printing process from start to finish, ensuring consistency, detail, and quality. We can print single or multi-color images on any size garment based on the design or desired effect.


Our embroidery services can upgrade any standard product into a spectacularly branded wearable. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to stitch on hats, shirts, polos, and other specialty items.


Presentation is everything – especially when you’re wearing it. Whether your need is for an original t-shirt design, or assistance to prepare your existing design for print, we’re here to help.